What she hoped became my will.

Post Freddie: Overview

It’s not unheard of, the story I want to tell you. In the beginning I thought it might be an introduction from me to you but soon even that wasn’t a part of the picture, maybe I developed a liking to listening to myself talk or I never really wanted to say anything regarding whatContinue reading “Post Freddie: Overview”

Blatant Oblivion

In capacity of my own understanding,me; bringing forth what I should have let gomany years ago, now standing in front of youstill explaining the very same thing;I knew not how to let gosays, besides my own negligence that Ime who might have fallen in lovewas never truly in any stance or chanceto say, my feelingsContinue reading “Blatant Oblivion”


Postcard from the world not lostbut cannot be found.I am living here, but now wishto live where you’re looking from. We will live together…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sia. A dabbler of anything emotionally, dramatically written. I started this blog wanting to share my own kind of dramatic and it’s gotten me wondering; why, how and what. Bare with me and let’s feel together. Poetry and all. Like, subscribe and follow. Please and thank you. ❤❤

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