When you dream remember
To keep your eyes open
So you’ll have the world
You knew to get back to

Says the pessimist

I walk a straight line
My thoughts stay behind

When I wonder
My mind belongs to the hunt
I’m more at peace then
What sweet escape

Says the coward

I first have to let these tears fall
They weren’t meant to hide

Who do I be?

It’s as though 
Before I’d known the dream 
For its purpose, its identity 
My soul had already given in 
To the prospect of being anew 
Being of some life my reality 
Never was and once I woke up. 
I couldn’t go back to who I was 
Who I’d always been before that 
Fateful night. I’d changed.

How could that be?

Now I’m left different, in a world 
That didn’t change. A world that still 
Look at me with the same light, 
And because I want to belong, I 
Go by trying to remember who I 
Used to be, never truly being.

But, how can I go back?

Rider’s Trip.

The train took those
those with future’s
their pasts let them borrow
Why not…
Did you visit your past?

The ride took too long
too long to keep
Doubts from creating jumpers
Unknown, friendly
Are you scared?

The car I was in
I was in with only
Married persons giggling
to steal another’s beloved..?
But they giggled
What, did I sin?

I felt the tracks tremble
the tracks’ tremble gave me chills
Laughed hysterically, remembering
I am joyous in chaos
Thumped by what’s to come
Oh, the tragedy…

Yes, the train
The train beautifully coloured
took us to our futures
Nightmares others relived
I felt at home
Who cares for rainbows?

Serene, My Darling

If only your calm followed
Me to sleep
The dreams there I would live

Don’t look me in the eye
Never look me in the eye

Serene, if only we’d meet
Before my years were
counted by my
Fingers and toes
I’d hold innocence for you

Don’t hold my hand
Never hold my hands

They used to be
Something you’d look at
And wonder how they’d be
But now look at them, these hands
Even blood doesn’t hold them
Oh, Serene

Don’t watch me
Don’t you ever watch me

If only your love
Could lead me to a colourful
Room to gather my thoughts

I wasn’t stolen by neglect
I went out
But the day stabbed me
Too many times
You’ve stepped on my tears
And thought them spilled water
Yes Serene, those that caused dirt
They belonged to me

Don’t pity me.
You can’t pity me.

I want to welcome you
where you’d not vanish
Into a void of chaos
No one will rescue you from
Take flight while you can
Your beauty will be found by another
I couldn’t ‘ve been the only one

Don’t look back Serene.
Life has your destiny
Follow it.

I’ll be who I am
Besides a mirror
I’ll be whoever I can
With only your memories

Your calm, Serene
Know I wear it
To stop my skin
From breaking me
Reminding me what I’d
gone. Your calm
I’ll hold it every morning


In red I am vision, 
Rose from your childhood 
Garden, that you planted 
Yet didn’t pluck 
And I fell
Not for the glazed eyes 
But the horns your hands 
Never threw away 
Pricked by love

Guest Posts

Once again hello.

Straight to the point is better than beating around the Bush, yes?

Here it goes.

My blog isn’t big on followers
And I’m too inconsistent on sticking to one way of writing but I love to read and see different experiences out there put into what is expressive to an individual.

In saying this, I would like to start posting Guest Post.

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ve pretty gotten a feel of what I like and how I write.

No, that’s not what I’m looking for. But this isn’t true, because I’m not looking for anything in particular. Anything with feeling and good, I will post.

My contacts are on the page, email me if you’d like to be part of this new adventure I’m taking.

I love to write and I love to read. And if you want a feedback on what I read, I think I could bring myself to doing that. Eh, that is the most difficult but I would do it.

Anyhow, the guest post is sharing and really trying to bring diversity to what I love.
This, writing and sharing, growing as a writer and trying new things.

If you’d like to do that, contact me at with your post and where to find you, maybe a brief biography but that isn’t necessary. Only the name of the blog would be.

Goodbye and thank you.

Yours Truly
Sia Morweng


Sharing and remembering what I fell in love with.

On my Friday night I had a dream, a success story They dolled me up And they explained too What’d they say again, contradictions? Scarred, marked, un-toned I left I have a favourite memory But you’re not in it They called me karma, named me She hadn’t known them Tears alright, dirt in liquid How […]

via I LEFT — That Gut Wrenching Poetry

Forgiven by Her liquor

I’ve drank gin
my mind's escaped 
Filled with fairies 
And I can walk, stumble 
Where my tears are going

Look at me, look 
With my flowy dress 
Exotic flowers 
I am a happy woman 
Used to
There she goes, went she did

My shiny smile 
pour me another glass
I can feel my eyes 
Starting on their refill

To forgetting, few seconds 
Forget my eyes never close 
My heart’s bled itself dry 
And bottle filled of pills 
By my bedside tempts me 
badly to be anew.

Mine I was told 
Have stepped on 
My broken mirror
How would I walk away? 

I hold my liquor 
My thoughts hold me. 
Those memories I want shed 
Wear only in my stupor 
There was a time 
Once upon a time.

What could’ve been, what is…

When a mail man’s bicycle 
Screech is heard from a third house 
From my window, I run from my 
Sanctuary for my true love

I know of my womanhood 
Once my breasts are displayed 
Trust my husband to remind me 
Of how I had a child, a child 
I’d been with nine months 
When he’d  won from his games
That fateful night he lay with me 
And his happiness  gave me a life 
To shower all I know with, my prayer 
Yet my child, still he was covered in blood 
Silent he was on his arrival to this filth 
…to call myself a woman 
So I cut my hair…

The mailman, what news could 
Fulfil this once a women’s dream? 
See the sun still shines 
And I’ve forgotten what the day 
Could do to a bare skin. 
You’ve come…
I’m losing this man
I’d loved this man 
Yet his child left us 
My mind left me 
The mailman by his power 
I’ve set foot on fresh grass 
And seen the outs my house is in 
And to breathe once more 
But there, there he goes 
Passes me without feeling 
Where will I go, what to glance at? 
No more the woman

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