I didn’t leave any day behind…


Truthfully, hurt hasa charming tone.It would take my heartto danceand leave it heaving. Now I do wishrunning were anintimate act. _ To disfigure illusionsso thoroughly… I tended my first brokenexuberance,Found the future stoodpensive,till I proclaimed my heartoutrun. I made a vow then,to take the name of oneI could hurt evasively. _I learned I could beContinue reading “Trude”


Great favours are bornwhen the world abandonsThe sun for any new light I remember… Glory holds a grudgewhen it’s asked to compete.How magnanimous,that it’d let you live on your kneesto never seehow its eyes have changed. I dare say, Don’t fall for any benevolenceonce waters have been muddied,to get them clean once again,I don’t needContinue reading “Tinker”


In the end,I finally set out to flyas I was told it were orderof maturity. The sky passing many coloursstars conversing with my dreamsI felt content. On this journey I wentThe wind conspired many temptationsBut I let my wings find their destinationMy eyes closed,I took in the feelingof letting go… When I opened my eyes,notContinue reading “Ceaseless”


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Hi, I’m Sia. A dabbler of anything emotionally, dramatically written. I started this blog wanting to share my own kind of dramatic and it’s gotten me wondering; why, how and what. Bare with me and let’s feel together. Poetry and all. Like, subscribe and follow. Please and thank you. ❤❤

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