It’s because of the simple way words take form that I’ve chased after the mystery behind what lies between my thoughts and my words. They seem related yet vastly different like the person in the mirror and I, who I can’t help but hold too much intricacies for. I could be a vicious being forContinue reading “Come.”


You’ve yet to understand,tomorrow alone tells me what to think.


Perhaps I am a beggar,looking at the sun,wishing I’d burn.


mediocrity of it all islooking for change but wakeonly when the alarm goes off.


Forget me now then,as my mind like many our daysis an anchor unbothered bywhat presently has my back and yoursconversing while my eyeslike yours, are searching for love.


If I could find myself a pillarthen my shoulders wouldn’t hunchand I’d walk with my head held high,wouldn’t I?At least say I understand my feminism?


But I remembered in we,there’s you and I,Did I make a mistake?


I waited too longso long till I felt myselfuntouched by time.


There’s a sin hiding intranslation of my prayer.


I said to many chances I’d given myself,at least regrets lefteven if my suitcases carry rejections,at least I can remain in the middle of the seaand look at the blue surrounding mebreathe in at that timecall myself someone that’d tried to walk on waterGod is my witness. I said when hope went to chase afterContinue reading “Given”