My Secret From Maid-Sama!

The mirror shining brightly
I wonder how I look in it

The future beckoning me forward
What will happen now, I wonder?

Because what we see isn’t everything

I’m losing myself but it’s alright
I will now try not to waver
I want to be true to my heart
But even I have a secret or two
That I want to keep to myself
That’s why my secret makes my heart ache
Ever so slightly

That’s why, please
Can you keep my secret?

Soul Lyrics

I will wield unspoken words
Carried by the wind that’s silent
To the dreamer that will not live

Those with thoughts unshaped
Wild from within a quiet soul
To the seers that closes their eyes

The untamed dreams
Of a child’s first naked desires
To the temple that’s been bruised with gold

I will carry the unsearched wisdom
The dead know for their soul’s rest
To the living that hope’s banished

Those unliveable feelings
The young were told are innate
To feet of world’s shadow

Those unmarked passions
Mothers had always said lower your eyes
To the heat of Sun’s first memory

I will carry unspoken words

Within this inept mind
For when fate asks the question,
I’ll know I didn’t only wonder


I’ve been rude
Too much expectancy
Lunging about, taking sunlight
And in wait, forgetting
I’m not alone
I don’t live alone
My mother took the first plunge
Dad glanced at me, whether it was love
My eyes will never be the same
And I, the girl
After many days passed
With how tall I’ve gotten
I cannot be alone.
Even I cannot breathe,
This wondering
Living each second, patiently
In wait, I’ve duck holes into her dreams
Now the mirror forbids my image
My eyes will never be the same

To be the Woman

Fancies aren’t my shackles,
I am a woman
Who’d never say,
Your eyes are a shade I know
Ask me where your mole is
When you laugh I’m in peace
I remember what you like
You and I are meant to be,
No, I’m not that woman.

Yet I am this woman,
Thoughts are my shackles
Your voice colours my eyes
Ask me where I’ve put you
When you laugh I wish to live
I remember what you like
You and I are meant to be
But I’m behind, being this woman
Yours where I can say
You belong with me

And I love you
To myself would mean,
I am that woman
Your eyes would always stray to
Ask where you’d conclude
When you laugh you are you
Remembers what you like
We are one, apart
I belong with you

From A Tale of The Worst One

To live is to cross a wicked path
At its end, do we meet our fate?
The land of awakening is a dream in reality

In days older than those of myth
I, a blazing phoenix
Took off from the Emperor’s shoulder
And flew across crimson skies

What an impossibly long journey it was
My memories dance in a whirlwind of sand
And although now
I finally know peace In your arms

I must still turn my wing into a sword

To love is to go down a path of carnage
My armor is one of scarlet thorns
If this flesh and blood are a flower of death
I’d like you to make it bloom with your blade

People sacrifice their kindness
In order to obtain strength
And so they seek enlightenment About what lies beyond the darkness

I, too, change
And although I can hear
A lotus bud open up
Deep inside my chest

Petals of blood float in the water

The land of love is as a country at war
Why must it be so in this life as well?
As the fires of hell weave me fluttering silken robes of pure red
I’ll appear to you as a celestial nymph

To live is to cross a wicked path
Woman, become a demon Sing an ode, kalavinka


One of the wild would’ve said
Fault is mine,
While I’m a man
My eyes widen
My mouth waters
My touch impatient
This soul doesn’t receive an answer
I will withdraw
For the one beyond
To hear your heart’s yearn
And know my want
Was ever only ever want,
This soul didn’t receive an answer

Because I yearn
And I’ve woken to this hunger
My heart cries
My eyes search
My mouth envies
My touch longs
This soul doesn’t receive an answer
I withdraw intimacy
The one I’m waiting for
To hear this heart’s yearn
And know my want,
Taken by others and left at first touch
Was only ever cold
This soul didn’t receive an answer


I could run, spend this life
Chasing the sins of my mother
Hearing her voice
Louder than my thoughts could drown
Any sanity my father’s presence paid me

Since I was born to her first
Took her life for mine first
My mother stays with me

And I’m running, being chased
By the discipline
My mother made me chant
To remember I wasn’t given just a name
I was cursed with perfection
And desires aren’t tolerated

Since I was born to her first
Took her image for mine first
My mother stays with me

My breath is being taken away
Each time I fail, I fall to my knees
I’m begging this woman
To cut me loose
Let me know myself outside her voice
I can’t hear destiny’s call over guilt
When I was born, did I know?

Since I was born to her first
Took her youth for mine
My mother stays with me

Next Remembrance

Be there to remember 
This camouflage came to life 
I silenced a beauty 
For the night that’s arrived 
And a new phase’s rest 
Take her along to my past 

If I’m to love a dream 
And a dream is to tell me how to live
Be there when I reveal I lost 
Till the day the road won’t direct me 
My every thought shadowed
Hold my head when a pillow becomes phobia 
For the night that’s left 
Tell me how the day is spent 
This camouflage can blossom 
And I used to love, forget 
I used to love even the beginning 
When my thoughts would say I remained myself 

If I’m to love a dream 
And a dream is to laugh when I try to live 
Be there when I’ve hung my head  
The hand I took was mine before maturity 
While regret lives within, I chase the night 
Sing my thoughts a melody that’d align 
For the night that’s arrived 
And a new phase’s rest 
Take her along to my past 

Sordid Reality Without You

Do you know, it’s not hard for me to picture you
When I need strength
I close my eyes
Search for my home
I follow your steps
Think of my mistakes
You lead me there
And I wonder, if you’re the fabric
Who patched you in, even now
Thoroughly worn, you resist my tares

This mystery, confused life
When I search for solace
My breath syncs with yours
And I want to know myself
My eyes takes yours’ sight
Within the secrets I’d rather neglect
Your voice sings them to me
You lead me there
I’d cowardly avoided
And I wonder, if you’re the fabric
Who else has worn you
Selfishly, I start to hate

What do I do for you?
Do you know, while trying to sleep
My eyes won’t close, as though I’d forget
Maybe without you when I’m unaware
I cease to exist
Or my dreams will play sordid reality
Where you aren’t mine
See me as yours, while I pine for you
Still search for you
Frantically, and find you with another
So sleep is my enemy even in your arms
I fear, what if I wake up
And a sordid reality is truly my life?