Here Freddie,

Take my hand, it belongs to you. I’ve been trying to hold onto my sanity but my fingers can’t wrap around such an elusive entity. My hand can’t hold onto what is mine without yours being a priority.

Tell it what to do, Freddie. Tell it, or I’ll spend my life wondering why everything always slipped through my fingers. Please Freddie, just…

Do you know, I tried to write my story Freddie but I can’t remember who I am. Who I was is what I see when I travel back and it’s written is such a language, growth cannot be possible only change. What have you done?

Freddie you, you…So I took your face, was that my fault? You knew who I was when you looked at me side ways, my right side smiled more often and you spoke only to who you thought I was. How could I Freddie, when I’ve never trusted myself…

Freddie you, you…

I’m a two faced woman you say. Freddie. Freddie. Freddie.

Listen, I told you from the beginning I was still finding myself. So I laughed to hide my faults, who could’ve been there to wipe away tears that I never knew to shed?

Take everything Freddie

No, not everything; take forever too.

You know I’m on the road away from sleep. Sleep Freddie sleep, searching for feelings you’re telling me I’m supposed to have. Whoever she was, even the mirror doesn’t recognize her. Or have you taken her too and are deliberately killing me with this chase?

Now my sleep, I miss it being away but its turned into a blank page with no face, its turning into you.

Freddie, remember I’d last slept next to you, maybe in my rest I sunk into you.

I don’t know Freddie, I want to give you what your anger seems to take but you, you make me search for stars you claim you saw when the sun was out and I wasn’t looking through your eyes then.

Oh Freddie, you don’t know. I buried your face far beneath with our moments that no one knows about. We are truly a secret now. How long will you punish me, can’t my hand be enough compensation as I’m never going to hold onto anything any longer?

You loved me once Freddie, remember, this two faced woman. You once loved she could cry and laugh at once. What changed?

I know, I know! You met someone, forget me then?

Dear Freddie…