Moments ago

I have not forgotten.
I’ve only mislead myself into a numbness
My thoughts can’t colour through

What do I tell you about the first man I met?
I remember I met him.

When chasing love, I collected no memories
Of the trials I kissed and tossed after my heart
Failed me once again. It didn’t beat.
I listened only to sighs and they weren’t there with him.

My second man or third?
They blurred together. Which did I want to cling
Onto moment longer, enough for a picture to be taken?
I cannot remember. Maybe I was naked with them.?

What else can I say?
Love is a venture

I have not forgotten
Like I wake up every morning to salute the Almighty
My love letters are a thing quite necessary
Its all my wishes in a font but…
But a woman wants a home.

There hasn’t been a last man
I will tell you, now though in my dreams
I no longer see his face.
Someone I cannot say exists…

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