Rambles : Is this love?


That Gut Wrenching Poetry

The love of my life is out in the world, I have to go look for him. He is lost, I feel the echo of his calling, he’s looking for me and my twin behind him. Don’t look back I hear my panic, she’s harbouring a debt from our previous lives; you promised her a chance but it’s cursed. You know my eyes, they have a smudge of your colour when I’m close to you. I hope destiny didn’t take away that recognition.

Remember love, our hands fit
you voice colours me
When you’re forgetful, I only have
to breathe for you to know
I’m yours in this life too

I’m tied up where I am, when you awakened I couldn’t be there to help you stand for the first time. You see I’ve already given my first kiss to someone else and his lips are imprinted on mine, he…

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