Am I a struggler?

Because I can’t tell spring from summer
When the trees are on full blossom
I go to our neighbours house for fruit
And when they shed their no longer needed leaves,
I’m told to bare for the fruit I ate
Pick those leaves and see to them?

Because I’ve never seen snow
And winter only let’s me get a new thing
But I’ve never truly seen autumn
I can’t tell if I’ve ever taken a picture there
When it rains, I worry for my roof
Last rainy days, we slept besides buckets
Some with our blankets wet
And the season’s forever been cursed
It told us what we already knew.

Am I a beggar?

I’ve never seen the ocean
And the mountains bare no trees
While the rivers are a wild myth
Harbouring a creature that eats what steps near
Because the world has many sights I’ve heard of
Yet I can’t count those I’ve seen on my single hand

Because I’ve read the moon is a place
But I know I’ll never step foot on
I wish I knew to describe the sun intelligently
When to me It’d forever be just light
And the sky seem beyond my reach
The clouds too untouchable
Yet those with worth, have long known to be above clouds

Am I a struggler?

Never having had a birthday cake
Thinking back, not remembering my childhood
Secretly asking, couldn’t I’ve had a choice being here?
Had my parents ever loved one another
Children they were, was I a choice
Or were they told, for their dabbling
Responsibilities must be carried
Because I wish to know,
Could I take this life
For my consent was not given to begin it?

When I look in the mirror,
I see an image I’d not think twice to change
Not ugly but dirty from all that’s fallen
How I can’t care to tell myself I did do
While I failed, my trying was my way of living
Because I followed my heart
And that heart found itself someone else
I was left alone, wondering how was I wrong?