Isn’t it funny Freddie, how I used to be the one that would get annoyed and not speak to anyone; now when you get annoyed you include me in anyone.

Back then, there wasn’t you. But when I told you about it, you said no matter what, I should always talk to you, you talked that habit out of me and didn’t talk it out of yourself?

I don’t understand it. Does this mean I should do for you what you did for me or let you sort it out yourself? I’ve never been in a situation like this. Not knowing what to do but knowing there must be something I can do.

I want you to tell me, to rely on me as well.

Then, gradually
By many collected memories
And sins,
Those times I drank
Took my eyes to look besides
I wished
By the clear waters of the sea
The eerie calmness of a lit sky
If even by my dreaming
To hold your hand once.

My walk in life
has left me
Few paces
behind where you’ve been.
Greeting your shadow
telling it not to run…

This window is closed.

Then, timidly
I presume
You’d love me too

I’m a good listener, even if I’m not, I will be for you.

Please, tell me what’s bothering you.

Seeing you in that condition, your eyes so dull and no smile on your face, is a picture I can honestly say I don’t want to print.

Selfish, Self-centered or not; I want you in good and bad…