My God neglects me
but I’m never envious
He placed my fate
in a way I’ve to call out to it,
and I call out to it every other day.
I cry alone to hide my tears
the rain I hide from
could’ve been my God’s blanket
to hide those tears with,
I talk to him still.
My God doesn’t listen to me
maybe I whispered,
speaking in language
he’s reprimanded me of using before;

Published by Sia Morweng

I'm Sia, and you're my new friend.

2 thoughts on “Tracking

  1. I have conversations with my God all of the time, too. I think I misunderstood mine always until now. Or I’m finally starting to understand him better now. I had to realize He could grow and bigger, just like I did.
    Mostly, I just want to thank you for this lovely poem. Everyone’s poems are really affecting me and moving me today❣️

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