Freddie, writing is my language
If words coming out my mouth
are unsatisfactory
give me pen and paper
There you’ll know my honesty.

Now in my rage,
I will tare the paper
into million others.

…bring me forth
first page that ever
let my hand succumb to
the seduction of giving my
unregistered thoughts a
country to live in.

I don’t know how to face you anymore. I don’t know where to put you in my life anymore. I can’t let you go but I don’t want to have you either; it’s the kind of situation you have to make the decision for both of us.

I’ll never want to move on from us…

We began but the spiral
of combining both our fates
has tilted me on the side
of driving myself insane
with the spiral of finding myself.

With me, saying too much.