Taming The Unheard.

It is untainted,
my hand gravitates towards
but it’s held immobile by my glass life
courageous yet shrinks
from the curiosity of my extended hand.

When I dreamt of simplicity?

It was a frame to the scale of,

My husband’s second personality
living in our basement,
alongside unfinished sketches
and hand down toys
our child would’ve taken to
bring-your-child exhibitions,

But the frame is sleeping
on its belly;

I’m alone on our dining table
drinking water with a spoon.

_Recently I’ve been feeling
breathing is my learning
to breathe without a reminder.

It is tainted,
my eyes follow fashionably
but it’s held shameful by cloak
of my innocent facade
let’s its allure align where I step
and I know to roam ignorantly;
my eyes still following.

When I put forth simplicity?

It was such a feeling on the surface,

I walked the aisle
dragging father’s surname along
when I’d lived till the day before
my wedding without,
and my husband an exemplary man
gave encouragement to carry the name
alongside our newborn journey.

But this surface burned my
expanding touch, searing

With my father’s acceptance apology
“You were a mistake.”

_Though I could live
without my willingness
I wish to live with my willingness.

Published by Sia Morweng

I'm Sia, and you're my new friend.

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