There used to be a woman, so obsessed with beginnings. Beginning of the new, the old, the continuing and the forgotten.

That woman, covered and coloured by her obsession would commit herself to any beginning that she would come across; no matter what she was currently involved with.

One time she came across a man, her perfect man to be precise and couldn’t deny herself, there was the ultimate beginning with an air of aloofness as though each day with him would contain what she was obsessed with the most.

So she left everything she currently had going on and made it known by everyone, the man himself included that she would be now pursuing him.

The people then murmured;
“But it wasn’t even a month ago you were ready to lay down your life for Roger, before it was Christy. Actually if we went back a year, you’ve pursued everyone we can think of. Spare the poor man.”

And the murmurs reached the man, he who had initially thought of just passing through. After hearing the murmurs, he thought why not see what it is to be pursued and how it unfolds for the pursued.

Everyone watched the spectacle of that pursuit, because say what you will about that woman but she knew to put her heart in her fickle interests. It became an ongoing play for everyone, now and then when someone felt overwhelmed by their lives, they went to church to catch up on the latest happenings.

She’d get embarrassed and be rewarded a curtain by the man’s back, she’d get thrilled only to be let down sometimes not so gently by the man, and she’d get angry only to be pacified by the very same man who made her angry.

Their antics were enthralling to everyone that they started pushing the woman’s past into the fray. First being Roger, on a unassuming night he whispered to the man’s ear only;
“You know she bought us a house but would never sleep there.”
Then Christy came forth;
“We’d actually decided it was time we built our family but later she went back on her decision, said kids would keep her rooted.”

The same injections went on and on and on.

The man finally understood the gist of it all, how she was and how she was perceived but could still not reconcile it with what he himself had seen. He decided better than assuming, it’d better if he asked the woman herself.

One night he initiated an outing, he’d decided the play had gone on long enough and before either of them lost terribly in front of so many eyes, it would be better if they both became abundantly clear on where they stand, where they see themselve going with the folly.

He said to her,
“You see I travel a lot because of my work so I wouldn’t be home that often in a year.”

The woman thought to herself, how could that be a problem when they wouldn’t see each other that often. It was ideal that he wouldn’t be home but to the man said,
“If you need me there with you, or I can’t stand it, I’ll go with you.”
And the answer sounded sensible to him so he tried again;
“I’d actually want you to move to my place, and that will take you from the only place you’ve ever known.”

She thought, but that’s what I’ve always wanted. To be away from a place that knows me to well and to a place I would not be judged for my nature. To the man she said,
“I’ll come back whenever I feel homesick. I don’t see a problem.”

Some time later after more probing from each side both felt they’re nicely suited. Forget who thinks what, so they decided to move forward and tie the knot; much to everyone’s surprise.

Everyone murmured,
“You don’t think they lied to each other, do you?”
At that everyone looked at one another and couldn’t help but snicker.

Upon hearing the murmur, the couple couldn’t be bothered, after all, wouldn’t they know themself and their relationship better. It didn’t take them long before the murmur was more than passing breeze.

The woman excited to leave all her past behind, start anew with her obsession intact. New life, new place, new people. All a massive beginning.
The man couldn’t help but smirk, who said he couldn’t find himself someone willing to accept his way of life without compromise?
They thought, nothing could’ve been better.

After a while living together, the couple whenever their eyes met could do nothing but grimace. They had indeed lied to one another only different from how everyone thought they had.

They’d both fallen in love.

Only their falling in love was attached to who they never thought they’d turn out to be.

Now they’re known as that couple who’s always attached to the hip, so much so if one goes to the restroom, the other is holding the door.

Truly obsessed.