Only A Glimpse.

The breeze had arrived, on time too; my longing had started to taunt.

It swayed in. Yes.

Let the cruel rain take with it what I’d spend all my founded interest in.

Just when I was about to fall to my knees…

Rustling of leaves
first raised my head,
I listened closely
and they weren’t whispering.
I saw how my tears ran
where they’d not be found,
abandoning their comfortable home.

Then it was the aftermath of
that storm I didn’t call.
Guards it’d left,
weren’t chased, more swept of my surface.
I felt my skin tingle,
made for sweet revenge.

If I’d befriended butterflies before,
I’d call them out and twirl.

But my tears had left abruptly,
while my vision was clear,
it made me blink corruptedly.
Love at first sight…

I was all aware I wanted to be captured
By this breeze,
how to me it were unmasked hero.

When I breathed in,
the cleanse wasn’t mere,
it felt reverent.
Perhaps the feeling of standing long
after being pinned,
even my bones opened themselve.

That breeze,
from the courtyard to where I stood
annihilated my dominant past,
each step it took I could see
watchful birds flee,
the ground moan,
but singing of the leaves only persisted
though some traitors fell,
I thought; perhaps the tyranny rain
saw what shade my eyes were,
remembered I too had hopes.

When it finally surrounded me,
already mesmerized by the massacre,
yet insecure of my dependency,
it’s touch took me days ahead
to a serenaded me,
I felt someone finally spoke to me.

Hello, all good?” — The breeze.

Published by Sia Morweng

I'm Sia, and you're my new friend.

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