“Hey man, have a lighter?”
This was Khairer’s greeting to the guard to her apartment complex, a ritualism more than a greeting; one such shameful night she’d drank above her limit and her friends carried her to her gate, in her drunkenness; she’d mistaken her guard but with what similarity even she couldn’t identify as her scum of an ex she was an inkling away from turning into an alcoholic for, thus than repenting or slightly acknowledging her mistake because once in a while a foolishness occurs that one cannot escape from, she’d gone with a rather unique approach of covering up her shame;
“hey man,have a lighter?”

The guard as always pretending the fool and going along shook his head, for him the man who many felt no need to acknowledge or make an attempt to say I know I treated you wrong, the young woman’s approach did lighten his heart and had earned his loyalty.

This particular night though, Khairer felt a shift in the air and was being held back from passing without saying anything else by a strange force she couldn’t quite ignore, so she stood the awkwardly, trying to come up with something to say with a background as hers was trickier than whatever mystery held her back but the courageous girl she was, she gritted her teeth, kicked the ground a few times, counted to ten in her head and stared at the sky deciphering the mystery of initiating a conversation. They were two adults who breathed the same air twice a day less she stayed out late and he might have probably observed her habits to the point where unless she shaved her hair, put on a white dress and purple lipstick; he’d recognize all her attempts yet still, she thought she owed it to her sober self and shameful drunk self to at least see why in her inebriated state she could see even by slightest chance a glimmer of that man, the man that had broken her heart, would not be satisfied by the sight of her broken heart and took along those broken pieces then left her.
“The weather’s nice today.” She mumbled.
“Sorry?” The guard replied. Curiously, he found himself swallowing his laughter. It had been such a tiring day for him, entitled people asking him to run errands for them with regal air surrounding their approach though it wasn’t part of his job description. In his head, it had been ringing sighs till he saw Ms Khairer’s approach and his mood had immediately uplifted. But he couldn’t complain, the development was just as lightning as Ms Khairer herself, she was always full of surprises.
“I went out with my friends after work and I guess it suddenly occurred to me that well, um, ah, the weather is indeed really nice.” Lord. Had she been alone, within the safety walls of her bedroom, she would’ve plumped head first into a pillow and suffocated herself. What was coming out of her mouth after all?
“I, I never asked you your name.” But scoffs were the only reply she received. She turned to face the man she was talking to and found him covering his mouth, laughing so hard tears seemed to be closely following; the sight made her blush volcano temperature. Ugh, that irky feeling had made her make a fool of herself once more. If dread were on thousand ways to die…
“Yes. You, uh, never asked me for my name.” And made no apparent move to provide his name. When last did he enjoy such delightful atmosphere with a woman? It really would go to waste to not extend it a little longer, he was a man after all perhaps not the gentlest of man but he, he enjoyed a change of events once in a while. It made up for his exhausted patience.
“So your name, what is it?”
“No one’s called me by name today so I’m not sure if it’ll be good if I say it to you now, you know when the day is already so close to being over.”
“Are you saying that I should ask for your name tomorrow?” Shameless. Shameless. Shameless, yet she found herself smiling honestly for the first time after her break up. She felt herself stir up for the first time and it rejuvenated her, maybe the sprinkle of rain after a long drought with not even the presence of the sun to use as an excuse, she couldn’t tell what it was but was reluctant to let it go.
“Well, then you would have something to say to me other than “Hey man, have a lighter?” I’m really considerate, wouldn’t you agree?”
“More like an opportunist. Who knew there was a wolf in sheep’s clothes in there. I feel like I’ve been cheated, I want my “Hey man, have a lighter?”s back.”

To outsiders they would seem like a man and a woman having a slow night out, enjoying the nice weather, background music made by all those lives that took themselves too seriously. The picture they painted would make a photographer’s desire soar, it truly was romantic.

“Anyway goodnight. I’ll make sure to get that name tomorrow.” There was sadness in her voice when she made to leave, and the reluctance like before caught her by surprise. She wasn’t afraid of men or had a phobia of them, it was that; she had eyes for men once every eclipse thus the intrigue made her drag her feet. After a couple of steps from the guard, she turned to confirm all that transpired had not been her imagination and the guard was looking at her with a smile on his face but it couldn’t be called a smile more a sinister temptation; if she hadn’t been sure before, her taste in men would’ve reminded her. Ah, how she knew how to gravitate towards them and attract them to her.

“Hey, you sure we’ve never met before?” She asked finally.
“I bet we have.” He winked and left.

Only when she reached her house did she finally realize who the guard was, Milzir. Her broken heart pieces where being returned to her but she wasn’t to get them easily. It seemed, another game of you will always love me had started. That night, she fell asleep with a smile on her face. Jerk he was, but; but he knew how to put her at the starting line of the race. Morning couldn’t come sooner.