Find yourself a mermaid’s tear,
better yet a snake’s shed skin
like caught lightning,
your wind to unwavering times.
I caught my nerve…

I’m saying, to these stars untimely guide
forget what my eyes missed to say.

I’m lying, I’m a terrible liar.

Who could I be,
without your heart’s beat call to mine?

Find yourself a wrinkle in my
contrition I’m ready- maybe not,
mine alone, when I’m strangling our love
like the night’s defeated sigh
bickering shadows,
I was wrong, catch me!

The sky’s lit many candles,
what’s missing is our hands holding.

They fit, different from black and white.
I’m not lying, I’m a terrible liar!

Before I heard whispers,
my heart was running to you
leaving my thoughts to clean up before you arrive,
I am not without dust.

Find yourself me perhaps
who’s borrowing many forgotten tales,
like man’s first words to a woman;
“I saw you from across the room and…”