If I haven’t lived it,
and my thoughts aren’t able to take me there,
that is true sadness,
there I’m defeated.

Don’t laugh, this is said by someone
who’s known hunger,
truly now fears the coming days
I, I’m not defeated yet.

See the common birds,
I’m sure they have names
I’ve been watching them fly
this during the day,

heard them chirp when I was about
to finally close my eyes
and somehow found they mock me,
with their tiny bodies, withdrawing wings
they get close to the sky,
could tell where my mother’s gone
yet watched me slave away from a tree?

I’m learning to cover my ears
the world’s registered many sounds
but my name

Don’t laugh, we haven’t had water for days
I stink the old lady told me
again our worries differ.
She told me never to stand
under the rain though…

She said mother’s coming tomorrow
with a baby she bought,
all this while I thought she’d went to find father
but my stomach’s been telling me all day
it’s too empty and would like company,
I stole again.

When I grow up I’ll become a beautiful lady
everyone’s been saying so.
What is it to be beautiful?

How old am I now?
in my thoughts and seasons I skipped school,
I cannot say I know.
Perhaps like the world’s forgotten
to check up on me?

I want to run away to where the sun sets
only to watch it rise again,
I’ll return home afterwards.