the road I was on 
was not even a road, 

looking down I saw I was
walking on clouds far above the ground,

help, help!
catch me, someone help! 

I’m going to fall, 
my life’s story of going unheard,

silence, if not simmering of silence 
said to me, why else did I think I was forever alone,

and my thoughts took pity on me?
Anybody, I’m going to fall!

There, below it looked a cluster
I saw no one

perhaps they’d gone to the moon or 
hiding from the sun, 

I saw a sketch similar to what father hid 
that time I walked into his study unannounced, 

he chased me away and 
I’ve been away since, 

I’m going to die! 

Till I remembered I’d only just realized 
It wasn’t a road I was on, 

but had been on since I woke
from childhood amnesia. 

Help, help 

I’ve defined my loneliness.