I dream of you,
the man whose touch
I mimic whenever mine runs
to hide my eyes,
the man whose shadow left
me a shade lighter
than the sun ever dared to dream,
how did we ever meet?

I hold myself
to the height I think you might easily spot
and have broken a few steps
trying to hold that height
and silencing the murmurs that
drown my thoughts in muddy waters
I dream of you,

My stare in a mirror
trace where you’d stand and find
a wall brought closer by a mirror
as though even my house is taking pity
and when I extend my hand,
I touch nothing, like
I’ve become what was never there

There you were…

I dream of you,
the man I’ve carved from my longing
that I realized, I am faint with my steps
and the hand that offered me strength
out of kindness embodied the warmth
I’ve only received from my bed,
how could I not hold on tighter?