Boy, the girl will undergo many parallel changes
As you’ll turn into a man with Adam’s apple
and she breasts and hips.
Don’t hold her too loosely else she’ll bruise
call you many colourful names.

Girl, the boy might develop a loose tongue
like these times, and forget he’ll need your touch
to soothe his history, be patient with his glazed eyes
after all before you could stab a man in the back,
he’d already known how easy it is to take a life.

Both of you, in a garden you understand
your paths might be aligned but
which thorns are poisonous you’ll find out individually

Boy, the girl will shed tears hidden from your sight
like you’d shed tears hidden from any sight
if you can, say; why couldn’t she?
That mistake, presume it was bad a day
otherwise don’t move briskly infront of her
there are many days when the sun don’t shine

Girl, you too discard expectations
of the moon and the stars when you’ve found
them indifferent to your whims…