All Ill Intent Not Perceived

We are the horde, 

my ancestors, 
roll in their graves. 

Yes grandma, you died
and I'll follow you soon. 

There there nourish earth 
whilst the sun hasn't turned red. 

But we know the truth... 

Many people have died 
we're running out of places to bury then. 

The horde will forever run. 

I can't cry, afraid I'll shed blood
what I've shed before is mediocrity. 

My mother's sick like her mother was; 

How many people have I lost, 
including theirs, how many have I lost? 

we're all bones and blood
still eating bones and blood, 

Oh sinners knows to point fingers correctly
This is living manuscript, demons all of us. 

Yesterday I got a call from my brother, 
Come home quickly he tore my eardrum

I was high on anger, after smoking anguish 
and my home bore the brunt of my mischief

wherever I step light shies away, 
Up to me to make thing right; 

Let alone blame the moon 
For staying away for too long. 

I miss my childhood, 
least then I knew nothing of the ways of men. 

I'm a woman, I'm a woman 
fall on your knees, I'm a woman. 

What my brother said, 
Father hadn't been home for many nights 

We the horde are mindless; 

Like his daughter he left the house 
that once housed optimism as a family member

wonder if he'd like to know where I shed my skin
just to take him there, like his daughter

become bones and blood 
still eating bones and blood 

aren't we all skeletons now 
and can't hold mother's hand on her death bed 

Ah, if he can't recognise himself 
the man who once loved a woman brazenly

How can I, 
tell me how can I? I'm a whimper... 

I lost. 
I lost my right to want. 

The horde giggled. 

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