Long and While, You’re Mine!

Destiny, when did we become distant? 

This narrow lane, my legs can't go left or right? 

Do my eyes shine in the dark 
but I'm chasing after stars 
when they drown my personality; 

Tell me, how come I'm far away from touch? 

warmth underneath the sky, 
warmth by the wind's whispers, 
warmth from all my firsts, 
warmth because I'm hopeful...

Destiny, did you ignore me just now? 

I'm telling you, I can't borrow what's already been seen, 

If it's sunshine or moonlight, 
I can't dance in between glories, 

My mother said I should raise my voice; 

I'm a shrew, I'm a rebel, I'm a delinquent 
I'm afraid if I'm passive I've died 
and all along I'm only silent, 
can't even steal from time 

The yearning has finally grown two feet, 
two eyes and a mouth, 
in my dreams it resembled God, 
the bottomless pit, haha 

How I lie, does God have a face?

Hey, Fate... have we ever met, haven't we? 

I could be in a drunken stupor 
but, listen to how soft my steps are 
like I'd catch you by surprise 
though I could if your eyes are under pressure; 

too many things happening at once, 
falling to live, falling to die, falling to escape 
falling to surrender, falling to awaken, 
falling, falling, falling; 

I told my twenty year old self to look for 
herself five years later and now, 
ten years, twenty years later 
I'm so frail in my satin gown and beer bottles 
come again later, give me more time! 

Perhaps it wasn't her... 

Destiny, why are you treating me like a stranger? 

Is my breath not lucid enough? 
I'll change, even become a seductress, 
I'll wear a lipstick in your favourite colour, 
tell me your preferences, I'll comb my hair 
the way it was when we first met, 
nevermind it's lifelessness, I'll comb it 
till its a thing of the past, 

The sun's been getting too impatient lately, 
look, I don't dare breathe too loudly 

Say, aren't we childhood friends,
then, when did we become distant? 
Huh Destiny, why don't we recognise one another? 

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