Post Freddie: Overview

It’s not unheard of, the story I want to tell you. In the beginning I thought it might be an introduction from me to you but soon even that wasn’t a part of the picture, maybe I developed a liking to listening to myself talk or I never really wanted to say anything regarding whatContinue reading “Post Freddie: Overview”

Blatant Oblivion

In capacity of my own understanding,me; bringing forth what I should have let gomany years ago, now standing in front of youstill explaining the very same thing;I knew not how to let gosays, besides my own negligence that Ime who might have fallen in lovewas never truly in any stance or chanceto say, my feelingsContinue reading “Blatant Oblivion”

Delirium – I Was Following.

Insanity?But I never relied upon conscience! Look here,wasn’t I, wasn’t Ifollowing my dream wholeheartedly?Say I was loyalmy dream didn’t change it’s spotsand blind loyalty, I revered it’s nature. What right or wrong? I’m here, still very much baring; aren’t I?Fitting myself on a leaking life.My hands have done all building they couldwith inexperience whispering onContinue reading “Delirium – I Was Following.”


I don’t feel jealous of their fortune.I feel sadness for my misfortune,because my stars unlike theirshaven’t lead me to where my mind is living.It’s such a battle I wish my legscould withstand its life.To war with myself over howmy mind has passed the borderyet my reality is picking bodies ofthose trials my mind skipped.

I Can’t Not Surpass Lonely.

I am a lonely human being,so lonely that,looking at the sun at it’s brightestthe light fails to broaden my sightbut passes to narrow itonly not slightly, to the pointit’s not only blinding being that centredbut hurts me to hold a glimpsethat in the end,instead of baring the pain,to see what will come forth after itContinue reading “I Can’t Not Surpass Lonely.”

A Beautiful Thing.

They told me,love is a beautiful thing.I think,perhaps I might have side glancedor, love only smirked at me.Whatever,now I can’t trust anything. Has the touch of rainalways brought deja vu? I held out my hand to inspect that beautyyet, it took me back where I escaped yesterday. This lying I’ve been uncovering,suddenly made me rememberanContinue reading “A Beautiful Thing.”


In the name of this fickle emotion called loveI will chase you barefootin my satin gownand hold the coat that was a barrier for me in the coldto tell you, no to emphasisemisunderstanding clung to my intentionsI was brave in my surpriseyet my hesitation or yoursbut somewhere in betweenthe line I wanted to cross andContinue reading “Teeter-Err’d”