Reluctancy Is Honorary.

the unknown person that whispersfrom afar through the thread of life,whispers that are tangible thoughtsflowers the colour of a shadowand brand new day, I say;this person perhaps a curtainbetween yourself and yourselfnegligent to everydayI love you,I cry for the space between heaven and earththe surfaces of lakes and tap dancing,I am but a mirage seeking […]


Because patience and the inhumane inabilityto say “I know it ends here”I everytime wake to take a glanceat the side of the bed thatI know when unoccupied,it morning feels like deja vu,the past that can’t silencedand the present that isn’t enough,How am I now…


Memories for time are companion,and for me, the girl following behind timeare the woman I can’t ever look atbecause she has the gloweven in my white dress shone by sunlight,I cannot compare,memories are the enemy to my love.


What does it mean to say I give up, it’s alright for the living? Of course it’s certification that I have been through what the strong go through and have found out while we’re both made of skin and live under the same sky, I can’t bear it’s favour like those with courage can; and […]


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Hi, I’m Sia. A dabbler of anything emotionally, dramatically written. I started this blog wanting to share my own kind of dramatic and it’s gotten me wondering; why, how and what. Bare with me and let’s feel together. Poetry and all. Like, subscribe and follow. Please and thank you. ❤❤

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