It’s because of the simple way words take form that I’ve chased after the mystery behind what lies between my thoughts and my words. They seem related yet vastly different like the person in the mirror and I, who I can’t help but hold too much intricacies for. I could be a vicious being forContinue reading “Come.”


You’ve yet to understand,tomorrow alone tells me what to think.


Perhaps I am a beggar,looking at the sun,wishing I’d burn.


mediocrity of it all islooking for change but wakeonly when the alarm goes off.


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Hi, I’m Sia. A dabbler of anything emotionally, dramatically written. I started this blog wanting to share my own kind of dramatic and it’s gotten me wondering; why, how and what. Bare with me and let’s feel together. Poetry and all. Like, subscribe and follow. Please and thank you. ❤❤

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