King and King’s Son; Order and Chaos.

There was a land that had no order. By solemn strength and wisdom, one man brought about structure to such chaos and was proclaimed King. The man seen by the people as nonchalant was deeply respected, both by the land and its people, so much they sought out a bride for him to continue hisContinue reading “King and King’s Son; Order and Chaos.”

Mountain Village and Heavenly Court, Faithless and Faithful.

Mountain Village was the only village in Severe Town not devoted to any God. Forget faith, they lived without much regard of higher power and prosperity. It was their way of life. Seeing this, many Gods wanted their devotion. The heavenly court then decided they would put Mountain Village on trial, with their consent. ItContinue reading “Mountain Village and Heavenly Court, Faithless and Faithful.”

Night Sky’s Soul

There is an entity named Night Sky. It has many children, none it raised; watched grow and die out. It wished to have at least one child it could see the life of from beginning to end for it was immortal. Many glanced at it with their wishes, wraths and disdains. For it’s own desire,Continue reading “Night Sky’s Soul”

What was a River and a Forest

There used to be a river, on the outsof the forestWhere the girl’s went and came outwith fair skin,richer than milk hair shiny like thenight of the wolves howls. Only the river and the forest werenot on friendliest of terms butthe nearing villagers could not seebeyond the magic. This river, ran the tales of anoldContinue reading “What was a River and a Forest”

Between mother and daughter.

A mysterious cloud shadowed a girl’s appearance all her life. Her mother always said it was for her protection, a protection for her naïve heart that could never adapt to the ways of men. When she was born, the sky went dark until her first wail. No one had ever seen the girl’s face, notContinue reading “Between mother and daughter.”