Post Freddie II: Confession

I have a confession. I’m addicted to a dream I’ve passed let get hold of my weak spirit. When we were together, I could see myself stand a little taller and smile easier. Unguarded but only when we were together. So I’ve become addicted, to what us could do for me. It released me fromContinue reading “Post Freddie II: Confession”

Post Freddie

Freddie, For so long you held on, I can finally admit that and put the blame on myself. I can’t be regretful now it’ll demean what I felt, I can’t apologise when moments we spent together gave you a lifeline to walk a little further with me. I, I don’t know what to say. Lately,Continue reading “Post Freddie”

Freddie, Dear Love

It was love that went astrayAnd I spent many moonsSurfing, unlockingThese messagesHints I missedWhile my eyes were openAnd my ears were listeningHow could I have?Why didn’t I?I can’t answer myselfAnd now you’re goneDear love, Freddie, why don’t you remember?Our hands togetherWere warm and I could live thereAs did youThose days when I knewMy thoughts calledContinue reading “Freddie, Dear Love”

#1 Freddie

Hey Freddie, When people talk about regret, I never realized it could be impersonal or something else, something really ugly you just have to dissociate from. You and I are regret. More me since it doesn’t touch you like it has me. Maybe the pain is speaking louder than what we meant, it doesn’t makeContinue reading “#1 Freddie”

You can leave now, Freddie.

You can’t leave. I listened, you told me I don’t know what love is, I stayed, without covering my ears to what you had to say. Didn’t I listen enough? How can I not know? Those books I read I immersed myself in them Cried, would feel with them to Wasn’t I living? The feelingsContinue reading “You can leave now, Freddie.”