Be Here to Love Me By Norah Jones

Your eyes seek conclusionIn all this confusion of mineThough you and I both knowIt’s only the warm glow of wine That’s got you to feeling this wayBut I don’t care, I want you to stayJust to hold me and tell meYou’ll be here to love me today Children are dancin’The gamblers are chancin’ their allTheContinue reading “Be Here to Love Me By Norah Jones”

Pick Up The Light By Sa Ding Ding

From GO into your heart OST The wind blows, The moon crosses the sea of clouds The butterfly looks like you Awaken the bristle of summer night Blank and white, and the faded colours I reach out but I can’t touch it Their beauty has long been forgotten Because you are dancing again Your presenceContinue reading “Pick Up The Light By Sa Ding Ding”

Broken By Lifehouse

The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonightMaybe it can’t stop tomorrow from stealing all my timeAnd I am here still waiting though I still have my doubtsI am damaged at best, like you’ve already figured out I’m fallin’ apart, I’m barely breathingWith a broken heart that’s still beatingIn the pain thereContinue reading “Broken By Lifehouse”

Hero By Mariah Carey

There’s a heroIf you look inside your heartYou don’t have to be afraidOf what you areThere’s an answerIf you reach into your soulAnd the sorrow that you knowWill melt away And then a hero comes alongWith the strength to carry onAnd you cast your fears asideAnd you know you can surviveSo when you feel likeContinue reading “Hero By Mariah Carey”

Born To Be An Eagle By Chen Xue Ran

From You Are My Glory OST When the sun goes around the open space of the other half of the earthPlease wake me upI want to see dawnWhen the frost falls on the warmest place in autumnPlease wake me upI want to be the same Scattered among the golden leavesBecome one with the soilFalling intoContinue reading “Born To Be An Eagle By Chen Xue Ran”

From Luca.

“Hey, look me in the eyeYou know I love you, right?” Mina – Città Vouta (Empty City) The crowded streetsThe crowd around meIt talks to me and laughsAnd it knows nothing about youAround me, I see who passes by and goesBut I know the cityWill seem empty to meIf you don’t come back There isContinue reading “From Luca.”

Quicksand from Beautiful Reborn Flower

The body temperature I once ownedWho will hug her tightlyThe waves of memory are eroding the soulI can only lick my scars alone Precious burning expression in her eyesWho will she look at with deep feelingsThe wave of memory pushes me into darknessI tried hard but couldn’t reach the other side Memories slowly turn intoContinue reading “Quicksand from Beautiful Reborn Flower”