Who Will Say First?

We found singularity. Don’t stray, cannot stray chant“I won’t disappoint.” My love, I hunger foreverlasting. While lost in ecstasy of“getting to know you.”Long did last… But I know fever,as seasons changeit’s bound to be caughtthere then subside. How I’m jealous of the meresiding in your head,she gets immortalized;the jade you’ll perfect toyour preferences. Life, हैContinue reading “Who Will Say First?”

Taming The Unheard.

It is untainted,my hand gravitates towardsbut it’s held immobile by my glass lifecourageous yet shrinksfrom the curiosity of my extended hand. When I dreamt of simplicity? It was a frame to the scale of, My husband’s second personalityliving in our basement,alongside unfinished sketchesand hand down toysour child would’ve taken tobring-your-child exhibitions, But the frame isContinue reading “Taming The Unheard.”

Madness Having a Go.

Who knew? There was a girl we knew, yet the world – as it knows many – gave her glimpse,and the glimpse didn’t extend to her whole life.She was in the end left to live by the shadow of the sun.Far too forgotten by the world’s viewbut waking up to the world’s face;the girl weContinue reading “Madness Having a Go.”

Split Decisiveness

Is your ghost asleep?I cannot pour water on it. The deafness spring bringsto your melancholy has givenyour thoughts a turnaboutinto what music sunny daywas busy humming. Can’t take your memoriesout to enjoy the weather? As snare will suggest,I lifted the tail of my long skirtinducingly yet you couldn’t follow the trail;the tail was erasing myContinue reading “Split Decisiveness”

Only In Bereft.

I left my personality to dismantle as my thoughts were no longer Welcome, and she found me. I felt myself dismayed under the supervision of will and couldn’t fight what I knew to be pain. and she gifted me. I coward beneath the spec of light, at first I didn’t know it would give myContinue reading “Only In Bereft.”


What hope does,is it brings you a flicker;and seconds away fromthat deciding moment, itburns to its full might andyou’re alight too;vibrate from the incite.Then the moment pass,as quickly the commotionis quiet.You look around,to be sure nothing was imagined;and there’s no ashesto suggest it had woken your spirit,it had ever flickered;you’re left bewildered.


If you are home, can I paint you immovable? Tell me how, when you’re always reluctant. If you are mine, how about you say my name. This here, my impression Doesn’t it remind you of something? If you are true, why not face the sun? When last did you laugh, I can’t remember the song.Continue reading “Bystander”

Before A Lifetime.

What would a forgotten you be like, not left to your devices or scratched offmy embroidered moments; simply my thoughts placing a curtainbefore my adamant desire to chase fantasy?Would I live up there with a forgetful wall, mirroring an empty space or would there be a shadow I cannot trace? What would my filled wordsContinue reading “Before A Lifetime.”

By A Stinging Urge

Are you holding me accountableof a vow made offhandwhen rain had gone missing?” If love won’t come to me,I’d crawl to itif only to kiss its toes?” The beginning cannotcome only when I kneel… Rally stored away memories,He said goodbye to uswhilst I was keeping you company.I didn’t take part. When did our romancedepend onContinue reading “By A Stinging Urge”