Defining myself to thebest of my abilityreally is likecourting the fruit of hardwork.I learn, I stumble, I reap;amongst it all findmoment of truthand befriend existanceof hidden strength.What I tell todaywon’t be a figure tomorrow,but more an essence.I’ll say the prominent role is,I am who I alwayswant to sleep with conscious.

From The World is Still Beautiful

“I am so lonely by myself…” It’s not stupid to cry because you love someone so muchIt just shows how badly you’ve fallen for them To have met someone who makes you feel that way,To have found a world that doesn’t feel complete when you’re by yourself It’s fine, loneliness like that doesn’t make youContinue reading “From The World is Still Beautiful”

If it’d been lonely By Marvel Jay

Marvel, have you wondered about the tears in your mother’s eyes whenever your eyes let out the tears you’re known to hold in?What has happened my dear, colours used to lighten your eyes… Talk with tomorrow, the memories you’ve kept of today are keeping you. I’m being haunted, carrying around the reflection of the personContinue reading “If it’d been lonely By Marvel Jay”