Believingcame at a timewhen I belonged in nightmare’s shadowof a scorned woman;Mother,your love is coveredwith bittersweet perfume“ask your father what he thinks.” But I didn’t fear pardons,in fact my lifewas filled with cornersdifferent shades of;“Tomorrow it might be.”I fear celebration,that line of sight has always beenfilled with independents whileI’m a born dependent, living under sky’sContinue reading “Crowded.”


From the sun’s introductionI found a windowblank spot to saywhere I could nestle my desiresand let them meet my demons Because day fed those desirestoo much sight, they startedto drift to land I couldn’t tame them at. While all I wantedfor them to remain unknowingof many senses sunlightcould introduce them to. I portray a simpleContinue reading “Subtlety”

I Can’t See Past.

Listening becomesoverly exerting,overrated…when we’re both going to say“I knew you would say that.” I’m a spiteful being. How I’ll greet you,rests solemnly on howyour eyes will follow me. And this world let’s beauty lead,with this many flowers cowerwhereas I’m such a flower;delicate to touchyet yearn for my handmade vase. What it comes down to, EatingContinue reading “I Can’t See Past.”


In silenceI found a mature homenot in need of my touch. Reminded me of wild flowersblind to pursuityet being and beckoning. My dear,who lead a trailfor Summer’s steps highlightedby Moon’s gaze to thefront of my withdrawal? I said,if photographs are wrinkledby flood of tearsI couldn’t imprisonthen they were meant to fade;alongside their attachments.


My God neglects mebut I’m never enviousHe placed my fatein a way I’ve to call out to it,and I call out to it every other day.I cry alone to hide my tearsthe rain I hide fromcould’ve been my God’s blanketto hide those tears with,I talk to him still.My God doesn’t listen to memaybe I whispered,speakingContinue reading “Tracking”