In Courtship.

As worn, torn tied aware as we’ve gotten; we still beautify glaze gloss ignify our movements so day will pay us a shine; undying light. _ smile there you lot flatter your wings sow your flight with seconds bias day to our feathers let our movements determine where day wasn’t inclined to go. Our favourContinue reading “In Courtship.”


I wished for too longto live in a spacebuilt especially for mewhere I could stroll aroundand stumble upon myinnate favourite parts of living.A place, different shades of hues. And I did,did live in that space;every time you weren’t asleep. Darling, open your eyes;I want to come home…


“Why did you eat your heart?”asked the optimist. “It would beat too loudly when I was trying to sleep or stay quiet when I was about to walk into danger.”said the pessimist. “Didn’t you train it to adjust to your surroundings?”asked the optimist. “Train it, is there such a thing?”asked the pessimist. Both got lostContinue reading “Dismissed”


I was eavesdropping on my hankering,breaking my etiquette;This is silly… One time I found my thoughts flustered,begging tomorrow to hold my hand to its thirst;Dear me… Long it’s been,too long it has been with only my lonelinesscracking jokes,How even the hallucinations have become transparent Dear me,am I holding onto an echo;what’s this I hear whenContinue reading “Circumstances”


Believingcame at a timewhen I belonged in nightmare’s shadowof a scorned woman;Mother,your love is coveredwith bittersweet perfume“ask your father what he thinks.” But I didn’t fear pardons,in fact my lifewas filled with cornersdifferent shades of;“Tomorrow it might be.”I fear celebration,that line of sight has always beenfilled with independents whileI’m a born dependent, living under sky’sContinue reading “Crowded.”


From the sun’s introductionI found a windowblank spot to saywhere I could nestle my desiresand let them meet my demons Because day fed those desirestoo much sight, they startedto drift to land I couldn’t tame them at. While all I wantedfor them to remain unknowingof many senses sunlightcould introduce them to. I portray a simpleContinue reading “Subtlety”

I Can’t See Past.

Listening becomesoverly exerting,overrated…when we’re both going to say“I knew you would say that.” I’m a spiteful being. How I’ll greet you,rests solemnly on howyour eyes will follow me. And this world let’s beauty lead,with this many flowers cowerwhereas I’m such a flower;delicate to touchyet yearn for my handmade vase. What it comes down to, EatingContinue reading “I Can’t See Past.”