What can I say to you now?
You have become a stranger
In a way
I never thought were possible
Between you and I.


Sin has always said;
“When you are tempted,
Don’t question.”



Tomorrow and I quarrel
But hearing myself laugh
I know
I’m not deceived.


I was born for a life
I wish I knew how to live.


Loneliness is my blanket
I wear it when it rains
Wrap myself with it when it’s cold
Hide under it when the sun is out

– Loneliness protects me from the world


I said to my dream,
If you’d feed me once
I’ll tell my companion of your existence.
Now, I don’t remember my dream.

Under The Moonlight


The moon has been full for the past three nights and the trees sang for all those nights. While usually such eerie bristle and sky full of stars would fill my head with wonders I’d paint and hang on the walls of your dreams, this time around I found myself without any such wonders but soundless sleep.

It’s made me think that perhaps I’ve reached my limit, my yearning to fill your life with intrigue has been satisfied. That perhaps now the only fantasies I have are my deepest desires and wish for them to remain mine alone, at least till I’m at peace with them remaining dreams.

I haven’t written you any letters for weeks now and I beg for your forgiveness. I’m trying to live; to immense myself in daily matters and leave my head distracted with those matters it has no time to drown itself in too many mindless thoughts.

As I was saying, the moon has been full. I’ve always felt intrigued by this period, not that anything out of the ordinary happens mind you but because of the light that allows you to see your shadow at night; kind of takes away the loniless that night normal brings and makes you feel you’re living in a more darker twin of day. It’s excellent…

I hope you catch it full before you have to wait for it to be full again. Take that light and make memories with me at the centre. With us dancing and our shadows keeping guard for any fate soldiers that would try to get in the way.

Remember I said trees have been singing, and the wind is gentle, the wind will coax us into holding each other, with how the moon is brght; I’ll get to see your eyes in a shade I’ve only ever wondered about; mysterious and hidden but so crystal. I’ve always wondered how you would look at me under the moonlight; at its brightest and heightening my being. It’s a different love story altogether, A very alluring love story.

Let’s make memories during this period and hope our shadows will fall in love as well.

See you beneath the stars
Yours, Lover


Knowing you, two steps ahead…

Moon’s Destiny

When is the sun coming out?
Asked the moon

When you’re not out
Said the star

But can we never meet?
Asked the moon

No, you belong to different times
Said the star

Think of yourself as a sun
Only a special one
Because you get to rest
And your rest was destined
Not decided by weather
When its playing its silly games
But because you were made
To be how you are
Said the star

And the moon about to go out replied;
What choice did I have in that?

Decline By Marvel Jay

I envy them, is the truth.
The lot.
Through mistakes they live
Through pain they cry
Through love they rejoice
No matter…

Forgive me,
If I ever thought I was better 
Overlook it 
I am lonely because of the road I’ve chosen 
Even if I tried to look back 
The road would lead nowhere but where I am 
Say I was greedy, faulty in indecisions 
But I only choose wrong
What do I ask of you now?
What can I ask of you?

I envy them so much, I envy them till the sun gives to a silent sky and the stars blink their sleepy eyes. They get to laugh with others and share their lives no matter how they’re living. The lot; they are lucky.

Pain, happiness, love, sadness; they go through it all.

I’m only standing still with my thoughts, wonder how I got myself separate and standing this pitifully by myself that even when I’m with them, I mimic what they do but we both know, I’m standing alone.

So lonely, really lonely…

My name has become a burden
Like this face I want to make perfect;

I’m willing to take another leap, however long it would take me to find them where they stand but I’m afraid, so very afraid that when I find where they stand, it would be where they used to stand; and their shadows won’t be able to show where they went.

And I, I will remain alone…