My lover was leaving, packed what I’d become in a suitcase I’d carry whenever I went to my next pursuit. After he was gone, I stood by the door with my thoughts scurrying I stood by our bed my thoughts still scurrying finally I stood by the mirror, full length mirror and I found IContinue reading “Dissociated”

Midst Freddie VI: Last Dip.

Freddie, writing is my languageIf words coming out my mouthare unsatisfactorygive me pen and paperThere you’ll know my honesty. Now in my rage,I will tare the paperinto million others. …bring me forthfirst page that everlet my hand succumb tothe seduction of giving myunregistered thoughts acountry to live in. I don’t know how to face youContinue reading “Midst Freddie VI: Last Dip.”


If you are home, can I paint you immovable? Tell me how, when you’re always reluctant. If you are mine, how about you say my name. This here, my impression Doesn’t it remind you of something? If you are true, why not face the sun? When last did you laugh, I can’t remember the song.Continue reading “Bystander”