My lover was leaving, packed what I’d become in a suitcase I’d carry whenever I went to my next pursuit. After he was gone, I stood by the door with my thoughts scurrying I stood by our bed my thoughts still scurrying finally I stood by the mirror, full length mirror and I found IContinue reading “Dissociated”

Weaved By Living Matters

I am this girl; I.I asked for waterand Madam gave me a cupfilled with mother’s sweatsaid she’d always wonderedwhen it would come to use. II.The madam and Sir,laid mother’s dreams all over their housetold her clean till she couldsee her reflection, and motherobediently pursuing her dreams;swept what she saw did not belongnot knowing,once she’d doneContinue reading “Weaved By Living Matters”


I’ve taken from this worldwhat my soulcouldn’t pass to my fate. covert mercy. In this life,my naivety is honey… sucked; Because I overstepped,trespassed on destiny’s lust;I’ve given to this worldwhat my lifedidn’t permit me to give. discard exhibitionist. I heard a dying twinkle say;I never thoughtloving you would be easyBut I did think,While it wouldContinue reading “Peeling”


I wished for too longto live in a spacebuilt especially for mewhere I could stroll aroundand stumble upon myinnate favourite parts of living.A place, different shades of hues. And I did,did live in that space;every time you weren’t asleep. Darling, open your eyes;I want to come home…


I was eavesdropping on my hankering,breaking my etiquette;This is silly… One time I found my thoughts flustered,begging tomorrow to hold my hand to its thirst;Dear me… Long it’s been,too long it has been with only my lonelinesscracking jokes,How even the hallucinations have become transparent Dear me,am I holding onto an echo;what’s this I hear whenContinue reading “Circumstances”


Believingcame at a timewhen I belonged in nightmare’s shadowof a scorned woman;Mother,your love is coveredwith bittersweet perfume“ask your father what he thinks.” But I didn’t fear pardons,in fact my lifewas filled with cornersdifferent shades of;“Tomorrow it might be.”I fear celebration,that line of sight has always beenfilled with independents whileI’m a born dependent, living under sky’sContinue reading “Crowded.”

Taming The Unheard.

It is untainted,my hand gravitates towardsbut it’s held immobile by my glass lifecourageous yet shrinksfrom the curiosity of my extended hand. When I dreamt of simplicity? It was a frame to the scale of, My husband’s second personalityliving in our basement,alongside unfinished sketchesand hand down toysour child would’ve taken tobring-your-child exhibitions, But the frame isContinue reading “Taming The Unheard.”

Only In Bereft.

I left my personality to dismantle as my thoughts were no longer Welcome, and she found me. I felt myself dismayed under the supervision of will and couldn’t fight what I knew to be pain. and she gifted me. I coward beneath the spec of light, at first I didn’t know it would give myContinue reading “Only In Bereft.”