It Lead To Being Mrs.

I’ll call love an adventure in the hands of time.
look, it was you and I
from the way we saw the sun to
the water we grew up drinking;
how our lands shared nothing but the same breath
it was beyond the sky’s limit
or destiny’s knowing smirk.
We redifined finding purity
heaven had offhandedly let go.
I love you I said
simplicity in which those words were said
could be misread or taken lightly,
hovered there like that rain that wouldn’t fall
I held on waiting for a chance
and you held on thinking it might be too soon
and we met, finally
the time that gave us glimmer of hope
we met, our eyes’ collision
those souls wouldn’t you say,
may have already known each other?

The World’s Blind Eye Hurts.

If I haven’t lived it,
and my thoughts aren’t able to take me there,
that is true sadness,
there I’m defeated.

Don’t laugh, this is said by someone
who’s known hunger,
truly now fears the coming days
I, I’m not defeated yet.

See the common birds,
I’m sure they have names
I’ve been watching them fly
this during the day,

heard them chirp when I was about
to finally close my eyes
and somehow found they mock me,
with their tiny bodies, withdrawing wings
they get close to the sky,
could tell where my mother’s gone
yet watched me slave away from a tree?

I’m learning to cover my ears
the world’s registered many sounds
but my name

Don’t laugh, we haven’t had water for days
I stink the old lady told me
again our worries differ.
She told me never to stand
under the rain though…

She said mother’s coming tomorrow
with a baby she bought,
all this while I thought she’d went to find father
but my stomach’s been telling me all day
it’s too empty and would like company,
I stole again.

When I grow up I’ll become a beautiful lady
everyone’s been saying so.
What is it to be beautiful?

How old am I now?
in my thoughts and seasons I skipped school,
I cannot say I know.
Perhaps like the world’s forgotten
to check up on me?

I want to run away to where the sun sets
only to watch it rise again,
I’ll return home afterwards.

Care To Propose

Find yourself a mermaid’s tear,
better yet a snake’s shed skin
like caught lightning,
your wind to unwavering times.
I caught my nerve…

I’m saying, to these stars untimely guide
forget what my eyes missed to say.

I’m lying, I’m a terrible liar.

Who could I be,
without your heart’s beat call to mine?

Find yourself a wrinkle in my
contrition I’m ready- maybe not,
mine alone, when I’m strangling our love
like the night’s defeated sigh
bickering shadows,
I was wrong, catch me!

The sky’s lit many candles,
what’s missing is our hands holding.

They fit, different from black and white.
I’m not lying, I’m a terrible liar!

Before I heard whispers,
my heart was running to you
leaving my thoughts to clean up before you arrive,
I am not without dust.

Find yourself me perhaps
who’s borrowing many forgotten tales,
like man’s first words to a woman;
“I saw you from across the room and…”

Rainy Days In Our Summer Home.

How the rainy days that peek in summer
don’t ignite my fireplace contentment
but a rather pitiful melancholy,
knowing too the sun should rest.
I miss my lover since his away.

I can’t relenquish to sudden change
not this change, I can’t catch my heart
being stirred in a way it feels
it’s hiding behind a curtain neglected
and cannot affrim it’s mood.

These rainy days
I know they’re laying carpet for winter
and my lover on his way home
to a furlon living room, quiet house
is the mischief of me covered
head to toe in sadness,
The sun, kisses on my skin
The sun, my eyes alight with rapture
but there in our unlit home
is coldness of unprecedented change;
He was gone too long.


The colour is lavender,
not brisk purple or clouded shift
of the intertwining shades of pink and blue
but lavender, far seen in flowers
the delicate
like the first kiss when retold one could claim
might have been stolen yet by blushing
the profession tells there’s yearn;
anticipation for one that’s making it’s trip.
It’s lavender, surreal of a softness
my mother’s humming gospel each Sunday morning
or father’s ever silent presence
the feeling of a homely place
regardless where we’d get next month’s rent.
That colour, my harmony’s identify
it’s my welcoming sky
to my dying land and the in between filled
with chaos, care of endless hope.
How it calms my sight but doesn’t blind
let’s me the unsettled think for a moment
beyond blue and white
but there, that next step to take
The colour is lavender.

Resolutions Stood Up.

I’ve abandoned self proclamations
They don’t sleep but follow me in my sleep;
Who’s the thief?
I abandoned them.
They chased me for over a year
that year I’ve not thrown it’s calendar away,
mhm; did I somehow pick up baggage of my
resolutions, the resolutions that have never seen fireworks?
The crap then belongs within me.

I’m motivated,
this is the first ever heard lie by my conscious self
but it’s not a lie, I want to be motivated.
My lazy ass has gotten of bed each day
Not touching the floor barefoot, not touching the floor
With slippers on; maybe I never did get off the bed;
There’s a pile I need to sort,
I listened to motivation.
There, my chest feels light…

Crucial moments are revelations.
Are these issues brought by lost time,
top off my head, I didn’t meet any deadline
and now over twenty five;
do I hear some clock ticking or
no accolades, it rings to me I’m wasting breath
I don’t own? Abandonments!
Take one step at a time…
To die tomorrow.

There’s still a decade to go?
Twenty thirty two?
My head’s already bowed.

I have abandoned self proclamations.
Today, tomorrow; tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…


To be found, has forever been eternal end
Not at the end of the earth, far beyond the ocean
Seeing your face changing form, swimming into other faces but to no man’s land
Where your voice is not heard
And you have forgotten your tale
Its being found that has ties difficult to fathom
To cling to when your sleep has never been friendly
Near land, lavishly green and you see life in tomorrow
I wanted to be found, my voice melodious

But you see that shape, it’s a star behind my past
I point it for direction, tell you where I lost
And when you become smart, start to pay attention
to a fool that painted her dreams for all to see
Its when you learn to hope, I can be found
Only I haven’t painted, silence has took me in

Do you know who tells a story
A girl without a name, child in sense
Yet beneath her manners, dull isn’t who she is
Its her words that are ignored, held captive by
Hopelessness she sees valuable, she becomes a woman
Captured fully only by her love
That is where she goes, where she lives, where she’s
Beautiful and needs no retelling, its there a girl has miscoloured eyes, one for each of her selves
There she finds identity

And as I hope to live this life
Accordingly to destiny’s own fortune, I can be a rogue
Travel apparent my image, but not my true form
walk slowly so I’m partnered with strangers
I’ll have tales they willingly take
Mine as theirs but true only to myself
Its then to be found, will forever be eternity
Stay where it belongs, with my future
Rebelliously I will sleep, to see my star at the corner of the earth, talk about it to the listeners
I will be found…