In silenceI found a mature homenot in need of my touch. Reminded me of wild flowersblind to pursuityet being and beckoning. My dear,who lead a trailfor Summer’s steps highlightedby Moon’s gaze to thefront of my withdrawal? I said,if photographs are wrinkledby flood of tearsI couldn’t imprisonthen they were meant to fade;alongside their attachments.

Only In Bereft.

I left my personality to dismantle as my thoughts were no longer Welcome, and she found me. I felt myself dismayed under the supervision of will and couldn’t fight what I knew to be pain. and she gifted me. I coward beneath the spec of light, at first I didn’t know it would give myContinue reading “Only In Bereft.”

Our Love Has Kept Me.

I have been paying back Penalty, I’ll say gratitude For my given collected growth Called life Each breath I take I feel a prick in The hollow separating My breasts Each sun falling My shoulders hunch all the more Having walked with my head held high As the sun was also Shinning proudly I runContinue reading “Our Love Has Kept Me.”


Temptation is guidance I saidAnd immersed under the night lit skyClouds swayingWhile half moon remained stagI thought, I’d found my way unscathed In coming days I lived with my eyes cast downIf shame were reason, disrobing thenWould’ve been just a stepBut it was a way to walk on this roadIgnoring what other eyes might seeTheyContinue reading “Trepidation”


I’ve taken what living is meant to beOff my spiritNow onlooker, I dare sayWhen I sleep, I’m most alive This deep preserveInto I’m nothingI don’t want to beYet knowing a spec of colourCould revive the soul that’s hunchedWhy I ask, I dare ask why? Mirror, I have a questionWhen I’m looking into her eyesThey lookContinue reading “Deserter”