Only In Bereft.

I left my personality to dismantle as my thoughts were no longer Welcome, and she found me. I felt myself dismayed under the supervision of will and couldn’t fight what I knew to be pain. and she gifted me. I coward beneath the spec of light, at first I didn’t know it would give myContinue reading “Only In Bereft.”


My God neglects mebut I’m never enviousHe placed my fatein a way I’ve to call out to it,and I call out to it every other day.I cry alone to hide my tearsthe rain I hide fromcould’ve been my God’s blanketto hide those tears with,I talk to him still.My God doesn’t listen to memaybe I whispered,speakingContinue reading “Tracking”

The Road led By A Mirror

And to think,I’d been mocked into stripping my beliefTo the barest of shardsTill I could step on itFeel its prick but not see its stand. I lived, containing the stormClosed my eyes frequentlyTo inhale what I owed my mindBut I was pitifulYet I persisted, if I’m to fall by my own follyHow can I everContinue reading “The Road led By A Mirror”

These Days By The Black Keys

My hand to God, I didn’t mean toAfter all, look what we’ve been throughMen come in different shadesThat’s how we’re made The little house on Ellis DriveIs where I felt most aliveThe oak tree covered that old FordI miss it LordI miss it Lord These blood red eyesDon’t see so goodBut what’s worse is ifContinue reading “These Days By The Black Keys”