Delirium – I Was Following.

Insanity?But I never relied upon conscience! Look here,wasn’t I, wasn’t Ifollowing my dream wholeheartedly?Say I was loyalmy dream didn’t change it’s spotsand blind loyalty, I revered it’s nature. What right or wrong? I’m here, still very much baring; aren’t I?Fitting myself on a leaking life.My hands have done all building they couldwith inexperience whispering onContinue reading “Delirium – I Was Following.”


In the name of this fickle emotion called loveI will chase you barefootin my satin gownand hold the coat that was a barrier for me in the coldto tell you, no to emphasisemisunderstanding clung to my intentionsI was brave in my surpriseyet my hesitation or yoursbut somewhere in betweenthe line I wanted to cross andContinue reading “Teeter-Err’d”

Only A Glimpse.

The breeze had arrived, on time too; my longing had started to taunt. It swayed in. Yes. Let the cruel rain take with it what I’d spend all my founded interest in. Just when I was about to fall to my knees… Rustling of leavesfirst raised my head,I listened closelyand they weren’t whispering.I saw howContinue reading “Only A Glimpse.”

I Thought Of Love.

I thought of love,feeling of cruising your fingersin cold water, runs throughand makes you shiver. What it means to me… Leaves showering under heavy rainsome fall, some strengtheneither come to their destination.Those strengthened, come out brighter.It’s such a situation, I fear I’ll be in.You’ll see me searchingwith my eyes frantically if misplaced. I thought ofContinue reading “I Thought Of Love.”

Man and Woman, Obsessed.

There used to be a woman, so obsessed with beginnings. Beginning of the new, the old, the continuing and the forgotten. That woman, covered and coloured by her obsession would commit herself to any beginning that she would come across; no matter what she was currently involved with. One time she came across a man,Continue reading “Man and Woman, Obsessed.”


Sometimes it’s like this,I know apples are from a tree,they’re picked and they fallBut, when it’s starring me in the eye;the phenomenon is the same aslightning lighting up a tree.My mind, rigid thing will only allow;good morning to keep it’s simplicity yetI love you is January to December,has to come with ledgers and certificates,could neverContinue reading “Stir”

Weaved By Living Matters

I am this girl; I.I asked for waterand Madam gave me a cupfilled with mother’s sweatsaid she’d always wonderedwhen it would come to use. II.The madam and Sir,laid mother’s dreams all over their housetold her clean till she couldsee her reflection, and motherobediently pursuing her dreams;swept what she saw did not belongnot knowing,once she’d doneContinue reading “Weaved By Living Matters”

I Have A Scripture.

The stall we go to pickour next venturesthe man there had his eyescovered with vulgarity.No, not discriminationhe only saidif we’d show our sampleswhere we’d gone, what we’d donehow we’d done itand since I’d been holdingonto your hand tightly;could I lie, say –the passed ten yearsI lived thoroughly,bled, let bled;cried, saved cries;but in truthwhen you wereContinue reading “I Have A Scripture.”