I don’t feel jealous of their fortune.I feel sadness for my misfortune,because my stars unlike theirshaven’t lead me to where my mind is living.It’s such a battle I wish my legscould withstand its life.To war with myself over howmy mind has passed the borderyet my reality is picking bodies ofthose trials my mind skipped.

A Beautiful Thing.

They told me,love is a beautiful thing.I think,perhaps I might have side glancedor, love only smirked at me.Whatever,now I can’t trust anything. Has the touch of rainalways brought deja vu? I held out my hand to inspect that beautyyet, it took me back where I escaped yesterday. This lying I’ve been uncovering,suddenly made me rememberanContinue reading “A Beautiful Thing.”

Letters To Freddie: 03

Before long and not knowing how or where it began, you started making me smile. I can’t honestly say it wasn’t romantically based but I know it was something I looked forward to. I became greedy and unsatisfied by what I allowed myself to be immersed in, because I found someone I was not enviousContinue reading “Letters To Freddie: 03”